Stainless Steel High Grade Rectangular Clamshell Buffet Stove

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This quart chafer reduces the amount of storage needed, making it a true space-saver! Combining an attractive design with economical value, round chafer will hold and warm your food. The elevated shelf positions heat close to the water pan, maintaining your food's perfect serving temperature for hours. It's perfect for any occasion, such as weddings, parties, brunches, hotel breakfast areas, banquets,catering events and self-service environments.  This chafer includes both a full size water pan and food pan that fit perfectly into the frame for immediate use.



1. Material: The reason why this roll top chafer dish is perfect is that it is made up of extremely durable and high-quality material- the material used to design the roll top chafer is stainless steel which means it will certainly last for a long duration of time. The roll top cover has a 180° full opening and 90° intermediate opening options for convenient serving

2. Necessary things included: Other than the main dish, this stainless steel chafer dish also includes a food pan,2 fuel pan, and the water pan. All of these things are really important in order to keep your dishes warm and fresh.

3. Capacity: The capacity of the durable roll top chafer dish is 9 quarts. This dish is mainly used to serve appetizers at weddings, dinners, and hotels etc.

4. Use: The main purpose of thechafer dish is to keep food warm and fresh for a long duration of time. It is mainly used for weddings, buffet, hotels, and cafeterias.

Bundle parts: The deluxe chafer dish also consists of 1 quart water  pan 1 quart food pan and two fuel burners

5. Maintain Temperature:Stainless Steel Chafing Dish uses quality-built stainless steel construction and has a bottom tray that can support two fuel burners which is is perfect for buffet serving and other situations where you want to keep food warm for extended periods of time.

6. Perfect for any occasion, such as weddings, parties, brunches, hotel breakfast areas, banquets, catering events and self-service environments

7. Come with frames, covers, water pans, food pans, iron sheets, fuel holders



1. Product Type: 9 Qt Full Size Roll Top Chafing Dish 

2. Overall Dimensions: (23.62 X 13.77x 16.5)" (L X W X H)

3. Water Pandimension: 20.9" X 12.8”X 4.1”(L X W X H)

4. Food Pandimension: 20.9" X 12.8”X 2.5”(L X W X H)

5. Alcohol Furnace Height: 3.5"×2.5"(Dia × H)

6. Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel

7. Volume:  9 Quart

8. Brand: ZOKOP

9. Color: Silver

10. Shape: Quart

11. Quantity: 1Pcs

12. Can Serve: At Least 5 People(Single)

13. Suitable For Occasions:Kitchen,Hotel,Wedding,Party,Picnic,Banquet,Restaurant

14Roll Top Cover Adjustable: 90 Degree And 180 Degree


Package Includes:

1 x 9 Qt Full Size Roll Top Chafing Dish 

2 x Fuel Burner